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Monthly Archives: February 2011

New features for Cirkuit

Good news everyone!

a major update of Cirkuit is approaching with a lot of bug fixes/improvements on existing features and of course a whole bunch of new features.


  • a much improved preview widget with variable zoom levels
  • manuals and examples of each backend can be accessed in the main interface
  • improved multi-threading -> Cirkuit generates the previews faster
  • improved parsing of log files and error handling
  • increased usage of K* instead of Q* classes for a better integration with the KDE environment
  • redesigned configuration dialog

New features:

  • a new backend system (heavily inspired by Cantor) which will make it much easier to write new plugins for your favorite graphic tools
  • new template system with GHNS (Get Hot New Stuff) support
  • you can now share your figures with the rest of the community via GHNS (the idea would be to create something along the lines of Tikzexamples)
  • configurable keyboard shortcuts and toolbars

Just a screenshot to show off a new feature:

In the coming days/weeks I’ll add new posts to explain the new functionality in detail. In the meantime, you can compile latest master from and try the new features yourself. For any bug/wish, please use Stay tuned!