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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Cirkuit 0.4.2 release announcement

Version 0.4.2 of Cirkuit has just been released. Two major bugs have been fixed:

and additional bugs that could lead to segmentation faults are also fixed now.
A part from bugfixes, there is one change in the user interface: the status bar has been removed. I remember reading a discussion on plasma-devel about status bars in general, and I realized that the status bar in Cirkuit was really sub-optimal. For example, error messages were displayed on the statusbar only and they could easily be unnoticed. Now, a KMessageWidget is used to notify the user of preview generation events. I think it is quite an improvement over the statusbar: the messages are much more visible now and the user is still not required to click anything to go on with his work.
A couple of screenshots showing Cirkuit without the status bar and with active messages:
As always, you can find the release announcement here and the sources here.

Qalculate backend merged

Yesterday the Qalculate backend for Cantor has been merged into master, which means that it will be included in the upcoming SC 4.8 release. Looking at the activity on the repository, it looks like the Scilab backend has also been merged, making Cantor even more versatile. The Qalculate backend offers interesting features like:

  • customizable functions
  • units
  • arbitrary precision
  • plotting
You are encouraged to refresh your Cantor build and test the new backends. Head over to the project page and get the sources.